Village is infrastructure for the next-generation of platforms.

We built Village to create a fundamentally better relationship between individuals and platforms, starting with what matters most to users, merchants, suppliers, and workers: being rewarded for good work.

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Village creates aligned, power users.

Village is a comprehensive way to programmatically reward certain behaviors, but that's just a small portion of what Village can do. From your dashboard, you can test and create engagement, incentives, loyalty and rewards programs, create and automate goals and milestones, and even pay out fractional benefits based on hours worked.

Village gives any platform superpowers.

Most platform businesses are limited in how they compensate work and incentivize engagement. Village’s technology opens a new array of possibilities — from automated, goal-based incentives, to non-monetary benefits and recognition, to proportional benefits and revenue share — to align platforms and workers.

A great company starts with a clear vision (and a lot of heart).

Alex and Bradford here, Village's founders. We spent a combined 10+ years at Uber. It's pretty clear that some of the failings of the gig economy and other large-scale platforms stem from the way incentives are structures. The way we pay people and incentivize engagement needs to catch up to the way that work has changed.

The world sees work as black and white. You’re either hitched to the employment wagon with a salary, health insurance, and maybe even company stock, or you go it alone and get paid gig-to-gig. That hasn’t changed in 200 years.

Village is built to suit the way the world works today. We built Village to open up the incredible power and flexibility created by programmatic money, and automated ledgers, while being as plug-and-play and user-friendly as possible. It's revolutionary, and we can't wait for everyone to experience its magic. You can read more here.

We want to strengthen the relationship between platform businesses and the workers, creators & merchants who sustain them.

Our Values

Values are the glue that binds us together to do great things.

We're owners and we act like it.

Great teams have strong individual accountability that builds trust - they have skin in the game. At Village, we know people enjoy work and get more done when they own what they're doing. Acting like owners means seeking out problems and not waiting for others to solve them.

We're radically candid.

When people trust each other, they feel safe to open up and share what matters to them. At Village, we all take the time to learn about each other and what we value. We also praise and challenge directly in clear, consistent, and sincere ways to help our teammates reach their goals.

We put ourselves in their shoes.

We listen to our teammates and our customers. What are they trying to achieve? How do they feel? Where's their pain? When we truly understand what our teammates and customers need, and what they can't live without, the right thing to do becomes clear.

We create value in the long term.

Village is built to last on every level. We have a big vision that we execute step-by-step every day. We seek to build long term relationships. We make bold bets, seek our equilibriums, and create compounding value by continually reinvesting in each other, our customers, and society.

We have fun.

We know that lasting impact is created by people who have a deep passion and sense of play in their work. Confident and happy people are creative, productive, and innovative; exactly the type of organization we want Village to become.

Our Founders

Our founders get platforms.

Our founders has over a decade of experience delivering incentives to the world's largest marketplaces to drive loyalty and growth.

Our Offices

Our Village is global.

Village is a remote-first distributed organization with a home base in San Francisco. Our team works from locations all around the world. Our values create a strong culture and we gather regularly to collaborate and have fun together.