7 Effective Tactics to Segment and Retain Your New and Churned Users

7 Effective Tactics to Segment and Retain Your New and Churned Users

7 Effective Tactics to Segment and Retain Your New and Churned Users

In today's highly competitive marketplace environment, any edge you can gain is crucial for standing out, attracting new users, and retaining existing ones. One effective strategy is properly segmenting your users. Segmentation is not just about classifying users into groups based on demographics or behavior. It's also the foundation of strategic marketing campaigns, customizable incentives, and powerful automations. Ready to get started? Here are 7 key tactics to effectively segment new and churned users.

1. Understand Your Users' Behavior

This first step is crucial to any successful segmentation strategy. Understanding your users' behavior can be the difference between an effective or inefficient campaign. Whether it's analyzing their purchasing habits, the time of day they're most active, or the type of products they're interested in, this deep level of understanding will ensure your segmentation efforts are on point.

2. Leverage Automations

When we talk about automations, we're not just referring to those emails sent out at crucial moments in the customer journey. It's about creating intelligent, automated systems that can segment users, deploy incentive schemes and streamline communications based on any activities or behaviors you want to drive on your platform.

3. Deploy Incentive Schemes

Incentive schemes can be a fantastic way to encourage return business and reduce churn. Segmented groups need individualized and highly targeted incentives to be able to maximize their value. Different users need to be doing different actions at all times. Allow your incentives to work for you by matching them to your segmented groups.

4. Prioritize Communication

Engaging and personalized communication plays a significant role in reducing churn rate. It's more than sending a generic email or text. Invest in robust, embeddable communication surfaces that allow you to interact directly with your customers and suppliers.

5. Simplify Process

In the world of segmentation, it's easy to become overwhelmed with spreadsheets, queries, and inefficient processes. That's where automation and efficient tech resources, like those offered by Village, help you make sense of the data and streamline your segmentation efforts.

6. Focus On Value

In a market where most are struggling with high churn rates and low lifetime value (LTV), focus on providing value to your users. Make your platform stand out amongst competition by providing users with a compelling reason to stick around.

7. Run Rigorous Experiments

Invest time into rigorous experiments to perfect your segmentation and incentive schemes. By understanding what works and what doesn't, you'll be able to ensure that your spend is efficient and your strategies are effective.

Marketplaces large and small, like Village, understand the importance of segmentation tactics, incentives, and communication in driving growth and reducing churn. Whether it's offering a fantastic, engaging user experience inside your existing marketing flows or providing a fully customizable incentive and segmentation engine, Village offers effortless solutions to grow and sustain your marketplace. Remember, segmenting effectively isn't just about technology; it's about understanding and prioritizing your customers. Happy segmenting!

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