Work Platforms

Drive the right behaviors.
Maximize LTV.

Delivery, task-work, and other work platforms use Village's automated segmentation and incentives to drive valuable actions, improve quality, and keep the best workers engaged.

The best way to optimize and engage your work platform.

Drive valuable behavior

Village's programmatic rules engine lets you easily create and distribute nuanced logic-based incentives so workers do more trips, deliveries, or tasks, with higher quality.

Deliver real-time incentives

Need more workers online? Got a big weekend ahead? Create and deliver powerful cash or non-monetary rewards in real-time to ensure market balance.

Increase worker LTV

Cash incentives drive action, but usually don't drive retention. Easily deploy long-term structures like revenue share, quarterly payouts, or top-worker loyalty programs to keep workers on-platform.

Engage and delight workers

Village's white-labeled or embedded UI provides a clear and engaging way to communicate rewards, payments, milestones, and create a better relationship with platform workers.

Sample Incentives Programs

Delivery Example

A delivery platform needs couriers online…right now.

Many platforms leave revenue on the table because there aren’t enough couriers to meet spikes in demand. 

The problems

  • Not enough couriers are on the platform at the right times.
  • Sometimes spikes in demand are predictable, sometimes they aren’t.
  • Manual overhead in scheduling peak-hour incentives and paying out.
  • No good way of communicating with couriers in real-time.

The solutions

  • Village Incentives automate recurring peak hour incentives in particular markets.
  • Goal-based Incentives increase engagement at peak times.
  • Deploy and push additional Incentives in real-time as needed.
  • Better meet demand during peak times and cut manual overhead costs.

The implementation details

Recurring Weekly Incentives

Purpose: Create a habit around couriers being online during peak times.
Time to set up: 10 minutes

  1. Create Incentive Rules within your Village dashboard that reward drivers for being online and doing work during peak hours. You can make these recurring.
  2. Choose any conditions you want to apply to these rules. (eg. You want drivers to be both online and doing 20 deliveries.)
  3. Choose any Cohorts you want these rules to apply to (maybe it’s only for drivers that are typically inactive during this period).
  4. Choose your Awards (cash or non-monetary) and put them live.
  5. Village automates the rest. You can review data and iterate from here.

Real-time Incentives

Purpose: Bring couriers online instantly when demand outpaces capacity.
Time to set up: 5 minutes

  1. On some days, there are unexpected spikes that your team needs to react to.
  2. Create an added driver-online Incentive for Cohorts you want to bring online immediately (this takes about 5 minutes to set up in your Village admin dashboard).
  3. Drivers get pushed the offer in real time and are automatically paid out as soon as they fulfill the Incentive criteria (in this case being online for the next 4 hours and completing 30 tasks during the period).
Hourly & Task Work Example

A work platform struggling with worker quality & retention.

Many contractor and gig-work platforms struggle to retain platform workers longer than a few months.

The problems

  • No reason to choose this platform versus other earnings options.
  • Acquisition and churn costs high due to low switching costs.
  • Worker quality and output are variable.
  • Running manual incentives and comms to retain workers.
  • Tech capacity is limited.

The solutions

  • Village Incentives drive the right behaviors, more efficiently.
  • Goal-based incentives turn behaviors into habits.
  • Recurring benefits make the best workers stick with the platform.
  • Reduce acquisition, onboarding, and training costs with low effort.

The implementation details

Top Tasker Program

Purpose: Drive worker retention (in this case, called 'Taskers').
Time to set up: 30 minutes

  1. Map out 5-10 actions that benefit the platform (set up test cohorts within Village if you want to experiment).
  2. When a worker completes an action, they’ll automatically receive a non-monetary award in their wallet (in this case, called ‘Medallions’). The wallet can be embedded in your existing UI or white labeled with your platform’s branding.
  3. Set up three tiers within Village: Elite Tasker (top 10%), Top Tasker (top 25%), Tasker (everyone else). Village automatically groups Taskers into these tiers based on Medallions earned over the period.
  4. Assign ongoing rewards (called ‘Benefits’) for each tier. In this case, Top Taskers got a badge that qualified them for additional earning opportunities on the platform, while Elite Taskers received a monthly recurring payout to boost earnings.
  5. When Taskers churn off the platform, or reduce engagement, they lose their accrued Medallions and stop receiving recurring Benefits. This creates a strong reason to stick.

Quality Streak Incentives

Purpose: Utilize points instead of cash for incentivizing behavior to fit within budget constraints.
Time to set up: 5 minutes

  1. Quality issues on tasks create customer support issues and lead to manual review costs. 
  2. Create a Quality Streak Incentive that pays out a Redeemable Credit (in this case called ‘Tasker Points’) if a given number of tasks are completed to the quality standard required.
  3. Layer on a longer-term Goal-based Incentive that rewards multiple streaks being completed. This creates loss aversion, and turns good behavior into good habits.
Rideshare Example

Better platform sentiment for rideshare drivers.

Platforms struggle to align their goals with those of their workers. That translates to reduced quality, low sentiment, and churn.

The problems

  • Drivers earn on a per trip basis and don’t have any reason to care about the success of the platform they work on.
  • Earnings and bonuses often change. This leads drivers to work across multiple platforms.
  • No reinforcing signs of recognition or progress.
  • Limited reason to stay loyal.

The solutions

  • Village Benefits deliver meaningful recurring rewards to workers proportionate to their engagement with the platform over time.
  • Revenue Share or Recurring Payment Benefits provide the most high value workers with a share in the upside of the platform or a share of a benefits fund.
  • Village Benefits move from transactional to multilayered strong relationships.
  • Reduced churn, increased sentiment.

The implementation details

Top Partner Revenue Share

Purpose: Improve sentiment and better retain your most valuable driver-partners.
Time to set up: 30 minutes

  1. Create the strongest possible relationship with your most valuable drivers using a Recurring Payment or Revenue Share structure.
  2. Map the valuable actions that will qualify drivers for this structure. Eg. Only the top 5% of drivers based on a combination of trips, ratings, and tenure will qualify (this is simple to set up in Village).
  3. Decide how you want to fund your Benefits program. This could be a fixed dollar pool or a percentage of platform revenues (you can do this right in your Dashboard).
  4. Set the frequency of payout and how much inactivity will cause a driver to lose their Benefits. You can configure this benefit to compound overtime so drivers have the strongest incentive to retain on your platform.
  5. Payout, administration and ongoing qualification are automated.

Automated Benefits Program

Purpose: Differentiate your platform from competitors with valuable benefits for your best workers.
Time to set up: 2 hours

  1. A good Benefits program combines monetary awards with valuable non-monetary benefits. 
  2. In many cases, drivers want recognition of their efforts and what’s going well. You can easily configure badging in addition to status tiers within Village.
  3. Decide on your tiers and what additional benefits drivers will receive at each tier. This could be as simple as access to VIP support channels, or as complicated as administering prorated access to paid-sick leave and other health benefits.
  4. These programs lead to increased retention and create a strong foundation for improving sentiment.

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Designing Incentives Programs

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