We make work more productive.

Whether you're managing a team, company, or contingent workforce, Village is the best way to increase engagement, output, and happiness. It's not even close.

Who we are

Our team are global experts in work productivity.

Our founders have over a decade experience across Uber and other world-leading companies managing, motivating, and driving connectedness across large full-time and contingent workforces.

What our customers are saying about Village.


"Village drove significant impact for Hugo in a short period of time. The team is super responsive and easy to work with."

Kirill Pesterev

Kirill Pesterev

Strategy & Operations
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Village makes your team or workforce more productive, engaged, and happier than ever before.

Whether you're combatting churn, low engagement, or just the productivity and connection loss created by remote work, our easy-to-launch Modules offer powerful solutions that perfectly map to your use case.

For contingent and supply-side workers

Drive the behavior you need from your workers, at scale.

Village improves output, quality, and retention across your contingent and contract workforce through hyper-targeted comms, goals, gamification, and rewards.

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Totally configurable triggers and logic
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50+ engagement structures, out-of-the-box
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Built-in experimentation and analytics
For contingent workers and suppliers
For full-time employees

Village makes your employees missionaries.

Remote work has created a connectivity and productivity epidemic. Village is the solution.

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Make work engaging, fun, and connected
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AI-driven coaching, alerting, productivity insights, and gamification for your employees
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Powerful benchmarking, insights, and data to empower managers and grow talent
For full-time employees

Get setup with a no-code integration in hours, not weeks.

50+ one-click integrations to connect Village with the platforms you already use.

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Easy no-code integrations with 50+ platforms
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Push and GET APIs for engineering teams
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Safe, secure, trusted
Learn about our Retention Module

Retention programs that actually stick.

Our team has built loyalty and retention programs for some of the world's largest platforms. Increase engagement, cut churn, and launch something your workers and employees will love.

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Triggers using time, geo, segment, behavior, goals
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Personalized awards, rankings, leaderboards
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Fully white-labelled and easily embeddable
Explore our Loyalty Module
Lean about our Growth Module

Growth and referral programs built for 2024.

Drive way more growth effortlessly from your existing workers and users through powerful referral programs.

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Structures that drive more growth, at lower cost
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Configurable triggers, awards, and experimentation
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Easy-to-deploy templates & best-practices
Explore our Growth Module
Flexible rewards
The Village Team

Our team has solved these problems before.

Our team has built some of the world's largest marketplace and consumer businesses. We've managed large tech, operations and contingent worker teams. We are experts in worker productivity and have demonstrated success across world-leading businesses.

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Remote not working

Our team has boosted productivity and engagement across fully-remote and hybrid teams.

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High churn and turnover

Whether employees or contingent workers, lack of connection, recognition and motivation are highly correlated with high attrition rates.

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High CAC, Low LTV

Attracting top workers can be expensive. Those costs can balloon with churn.

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Poor relationships with workers

Without the right recognition, personalization and engagement, it's easy to feel taken for granted, disconnected and unhappy.

Social media

Follow along on our journey.

Stay connected with the Village team and join the conversation. We post about insights, trends, feature releases, case studies, and stuff that we find interesting (hopefully you do too).