Meet the most viral referral engine on the market.

Village’s tech powers the most viral referral and affiliate programs in the world. Now you can grow faster, without compromising spend efficiency.

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Referrals can be the best way to grow, but most referral programs miss the mark.

Many businesses use inefficient and fraud-heavy credit-based give-get referral mechanisms to grow users. Most affiliate and cash back programs rely on slow and non-transparent payouts.

Introducing Growth Engine

Explosive growth. Efficient spend.

Village’s tech lets you create powerful and engaging levers to efficiently grow your customers, suppliers, or business partners.

Maximum flexibility.

Cash-based rewards

Deploy cash back, trailing commission, or fixed payouts.

In-kind rewards

Credits, redeemable points, status tiers & badging, or gift cards.

Village creates power users

Maximum efficiency.

Ensure it's ROI positive

Pay out the referrer a % of revenue or earnings generated by their referral up to a cap to ensure profitability.

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Test what's working

Village lets you A/B test upfront versus trailing structures and referral values to ensure you know what works best.

Virality by design.

Refer people who refer people who refer people..

Easily set up tiered programs that maximize growth cost effectively.

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Drive virality

Don't just incentivize the first referral. Incentivize your users to tell their referrals to refer other users.

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Effortless automation.

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Configure once and automate.

All Village rules are entirely automated. You can set up your program in minutes.

Village supercharges growth.

Village referrals

Why Village works better than other referral & affiliate structures.

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Tie rewards to business value

Trailing percentage-based structures generously compensate your best referrers for the value they drive, and don’t waste money on low value referrals or fraud.

Multilayered rewards

The best growth programs combine monetary rewards like cash back, gift-cards or credits with non-monetary status tiers & badging.

Increased virality

Structure referral programs that not only reward a user when they get a referral. Also reward the first user when their referrals get referrals to maximize virality.
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Efficient, automated, instant

Setup requires virtually no admin work or costs. Get all the power of referrals without the massive admin burden.

Schedule a demo.

We work with platforms from the earliest stage to household names. Together we'll explore your use case, understand the pain points, and talk through where Village can add value.

How it works

Setup is easy.

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1. Connect your data.

We have over 200 no-code connectors, in addition to easy-to-use APIs. Integration is simple, & usually takes a couple of hours.
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2. Setup rules logic.

Get insights into the behavior you want to incentivize. Create logic-based rules that trigger payouts and comms using the Village admin console.

3. Rinse and repeat

See what's working and what can be improved through easy data access, A/B testing and insights.
How does the tech work?

Our automated ledgers allow Village to deliver powerful results.

Village's automated tech lets you create & automate structures that weren’t previously possible at scale. Our team has over a decade of experience delivering incentives to the world’s largest marketplaces to drive loyalty & growth.
We built this solution to capture the incredible power and new opportunities, while being as plug-and-play and user-friendly as possible.


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