Make retention your secret weapon.

Village lets you easily retain users with automated re-engagement structures, loyalty programs, revenue share and other long-term goal-based incentive structures that increase LTV.

Retention is critical to your success.
Sending the occasional email doesn't cut it.

Most platforms use a combination of spreadsheets, CRM or one-off emails to retain users. That's blunt, inefficient, and doesn't drive long-term retention.

Introducing Village Loyalty

Village creates power users and builds long-term relationships.

Village’s cutting-edge tech lets you create powerful structures that reward good behavior & create long-term retention. Engage users. Supercharge loyalty. Increase long-term platform value.

Activate low-engagement users.

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Village has powerful segmentation to find users that could be doing more.

Every user is different. Whether it's a promo, credit, badges, dollars, streak-based incentives or just a gentle nudge, Village lets you power it all.

Motivate users to succeed.

Sometimes you don't need to spend big to drive engagement.

Rewarding repeated use through streaks, badges or celebrations can be just as effective as cash-based awards.

Supercharge loyalty and retain your best users.

Test and create revenue share and other loyalty and rewards programs and create goals and milestones custom built for your platform.

Reduce churn with milestone and tenure-based incentives.

Users see direct benefit from their ongoing engagements with the platform.

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Direct, flexible, and fully automated benefits.

Program any type of value — dollars, points, badges, benefits — and automate distribution according to the value of work done.

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All Village rewards are entirely automated. You can set up your incentives program in minutes.

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Village's condition and segment-based logic allows you to deploy retention structures at platform scale.

Schedule a demo.

We work with platforms from the earliest stage to household names. Together we'll explore your use case, understand the pain points, and talk through where Village can add value.

Why Village

Village is light years ahead of existing solutions.

We built Village to create a fundamentally better relationship between workers and platforms.

Reward what matters.

Create highly specific rules that reward any behavior or action you’re trying to drive on your platform, as soon as it happens. Or use our templates.

Ridiculously sticky.

Tie rewards to milestones or tenure to drive long-term retention. Create recurring incentives that compound over time and disappear when a user churns.

Maximum visibility.

Transparent distribution & powerful dashboards create high visibility and build trust between your business and your users.

Efficient and automated.

Setup requires virtually no admin work or costs. Produce far better ongoing ROI with far less effort.
How it works

Getting started is easy.

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1. Set up your program.

Use an existing template, or start from scratch. Choose how you want to incentivize users.
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2. Create distribution rules.

Identify the behaviors you want to incentivize over a given period of time. Build a logic based distribution engine to trigger the rewards.

3. Rewards auto distribute.

Contributors accrue rewards instantaneously, and have visibility into their distribution or loss due to inactivity or churn on the platform.
Village tech

Our automated ledgers allow Village to deliver powerful results.

Village's automated tech lets you create & automate structures that weren’t previously possible at scale. Our team has over a decade of experience delivering incentives to the world’s largest marketplaces to drive loyalty & growth.
We built this solution to capture the incredible power and new opportunities, while being as plug-and-play and user-friendly as possible.


We make it easy to try Village.
Contact our team and we’ll get in touch.