The perfect incentives for your platform.

Whether you’re reducing funnel friction, improving quality, or driving engagement, Village’s incentives engine lets you flexibly and programmatically drive valuable behaviors that maximize ROI.

You're leaving a lot on the table.

Most platforms rely on sporadic emails, spreadsheets, queries, and manual payouts to drive user behavior. Others have a limited toolkit that doesn’t boost LTV or drive sustainable growth.

Village Incentives

Easily drive valuable behaviors and fuel growth.

Village’s lets you easily create, iterate, and automate any type of cash, credit, promo, points, badges, or non-monetary incentives structures to drive valuable user behavior and boost profitability.

Create nuanced incentive structures.

Whether monetary or non-monetary, reward behaviors that drive revenue and retention.

Highly configurable, rules- based structures.

Easily incentivize any behavior, with any awards (cash, promos, discounts, credits, points), based on nuanced rules that suit your business.

Deploy best practices.

Leverage Village's extensive know-how and templates to easily launch ROI-positive structures.

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Find the perfect solution.

Set up rules and run tests to understand what drives behavior most efficiently over-time.

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Test, target, & iterate.

Flexible rules make it easy to A/B test and get the most out of every dollar.

Data-driven decision making.

Understand which incentives are driving ROI and which aren’t.

Set up in minutes — Village handles the rest.

Village's groundbreaking technology makes delivering meaningful incentives easy.

Automate complex rules.

Unlock capabilities and save thousands of hours with our programmatic rules engine.

Low or no engineering lift

We have 200+ no-code integrations. If you're using eng time, we have easy-to-use APIs that'll take a couple of hours to integrate.

Drive business value.

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Incentives structures that drive ROI.

Whether you’re focused on profitability, growing market share, or driving long-term retention, Village has the structures to drive returns.

Schedule a demo.

We work with platforms from the earliest stage to household names. Together we'll explore your use case, understand the pain points, and talk through where Village can add value.

Why Village

We've done this before.

We built Village to create a fundamentally better relationship between platforms and their customers using incredibly powerful tech. Our team has done this before at companies like Uber and DoorDash.

Reward exactly what matters.

Create highly specific distribution rules that reward any behavior or action you’re trying to drive on your platform, with any source of value.

Low overhead, low costs.

Say goodbye to thousands of Ops hours spent running queries and spreadsheets, and deploy engineering time on other initiatives.

Best practices, out-of-the-box.

Whether you're driving growth or engagement structures, Village lets you easily deploy proven best practices.

Easy & automated.

Easy setup and simple ongoing automated management. Better outcomes, less effort.
How it works

Setup is easy.

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1. Connect your data.

Over 200 no-code connectors, in addition to easy-to-use APIs. Integration is simple, & usually takes a couple of hours.
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2. Setup rules logic.

Get insights into the behavior you want to incentivize. Create logic-based rules that trigger payouts and comms in the Village admin console.

3. Rinse and repeat.

See what's working and what can be improved through easy data access, A/B testing and insights.
Village tech

Our automated ledgers allow Village to deliver powerful results.

Village's automated tech lets you create & automate structures that weren’t previously possible at scale. Our team has over a decade of experience delivering incentives to the world’s largest marketplaces to drive loyalty & growth.
We built this solution to capture the incredible power and new opportunities, while being as plug-and-play and user-friendly as possible.


We make it easy to try Village.
Contact our team and we’ll get in touch.