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Village is a revolutionary blockchain made to solve real-world problems with a magical user experience. Whether you're an existing business or starting the next big thing, Village makes it 10x easier to harness the power of web3 to build the future.

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Building in web3 shouldn’t be this hard.

web3 tech is going to change how billions of people consume, create, & work. It’ll make business fairer & more efficient. But for seasoned business operators and first-time builders alike, there are a lot of barriers standing in the way.

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High dev cost & complexity

Complicated architecture, messy integrations, expensive talent. Today, building in web3 is slow, costly, & complicated.

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Tech that doesn’t deliver

Friction-filled UX, high gas fees, monolithic contracts, lack of encryption, & missing connective tissue between web2 & web3 means the tech often falls short of solving real-world user problems.

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Insider jargon

Confused by 95% of what you hear in web3? Us too. Over-complication & lack of standardization makes it hard to know where & how to build.

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Security & compliance risk

Unlocking the immense benefits of web3 means navigating complicated KYC/AML, money transmission & securities regulations, & making sure you stay secure.

The Village Ecosystem

A blockchain built to delight builders, users, and everyone in between.

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Fast, secure, extremely low cost

Village’s innovative data models are built for a web3-native future. That means low cost, always. Even when you become the next big thing.

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Revolutionary architecture that makes building easy

Say goodbye to slow, monolithic, & difficult to update contracts & hello to Modules, a lightning fast, modular data structure built into the L1 layer that your users & developers will love.

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Gas, gas, go away

Village’s world-first Subsidy Module means you choose if & how end users pay gas fees, without custodying funds or signing transactions on their behalf. That unlocks a world of UX & business model innovation.

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Privacy that works for you

Blockchains rely on independent verifiability. That doesn’t mean business & user data needs to be public. Make web3 work for your privacy needs with Village's Encryption Module.

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A fully-integrated set of building blocks

Whether you're deploying Village Modules out-of-the box, or integrating pre-built fiat on- & off-ramps, integrated KYC & AML checks, or automated wallet creation, Village makes building easy.

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Easy-to-implement APIs that talk to web2

The magic of the blockchain isn't much good unless it works in the real world. The Village ecosystem's robust APIs make for easy connection to existing business, fiat payment options, on- & off-ramps, & compliance.

How it works

Village makes building, managing, & scaling in web3 magical.

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Deploy powerful L1 Modules & APIs

Village's out-of-the-box APIs & Modules have the infra you need, without the headaches.

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Create a magical user experience

From embedded wallet creation, to integrated fiat & crypto payments, Village lets you build a web3 UX without the friction.

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Seamlessly manage & scale

Inbuilt analytics, powerful management tools, & thoughtful abstractions mean you can focus on what matters.

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Real solutions, out-of-the-box

Loyalty programs, revenue share, tokenizing assets. Village has powerful web3 solutions that are ready to implement.

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Minimal engineering lift

We’ve wrapped powerful web3 tech in easy-to-implement APIs to give you web3 capabilities in hours, not months.

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Automated & 

Inbuilt analytics, visualizations, & onboarding & compliance tools make management easy.

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