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Automated team updates & reporting.

Massive time savings.

Your team spends hours each week on status updates. Instead, your team's work should speak for itself, literally.

Misalignment, solved.

Keep everyone in the loop on what their org and team are working toward every day.

Personalized updates feed.

Follow the teams you care about, ignore the ones you don't. Followed teams appear in your daily briefing.

UI screen showing incentive rulesUI screen showing recent activity

Personalized cross-tool updates.

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Personalized reports.

Get automated, individualized reports based on what you care about, who you work with, and what you need to know to do your job.

Synthesis across ALL tools.

Get actionable insights on the info living in ALL your SaaS tools, like alerts on blockers or milestones.

More accountability.

Know who's working on what every day, and why they're working toward it.

Custom generative AI apps.

Build no-code assistants.

Instruct generative AI agents to proactively collect information and advise you on a course of action.

Get automatic topic updates.

Track topics or projects you care about with no added effort.

Collect data across all your tools.

No need to connect the dots across multiple people and sources of information. Village Labs does it for you.

UI screen showing incentive rulesUI screen showing recent activity

We're global experts in employee productivity.

Our founders have over a decade experience across  world-leading companies managing, motivating, and boosting productivity and connectedness.

What our customers are saying.

Headshot of James Cox

James Cox

CEO, The Routing Company

"Remote work brings efficiencies but it also brings challenges. I originally invested in Village at TRC to help solve these challenges. I've now also found Village can help me get a pulse of what's happening at TRC while I'm sleeping. This lets me move much faster."

Head shot of Kristin Kaiser

Kristin Kaiser Mulligan

COO, Heard

"Village Labs makes it super easy to stay on top of what's going on across Slack, Google Docs, Notion, and the rest of our company's apps. It makes a big difference to visibility and accountability."

Headshot for Matt Syska

Matt Syska


"Village Labs gives me much better visibility into what my team is working on, and where projects are at. It creates great accountability."

Kirill Pesterev

Kirill Pesterev

Head of Strategy, Hugo

"Village made a big impact on Hugo in a short-period of time. Highly recommend it to scaling orgs."

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