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Platforms big and small use Village to create and automate segmentation, incentives, and comms. Fuel viral growth, increase LTV, and create stronger, stickier relationships on all sides of the market.

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Effortless segmentation, incentives, and comms for growing platforms.

Trigger incentives, segmentation, and comms based on any events, activities, or behaviors you want to drive or prevent on your platform.

Cut costs and drive revenue with powerful automations.

A totally configurable incentives and segmentation engine powered by best-practices.

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Deploy powerful structures with no eng time
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Configurable triggers, rules, and experimentation
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Easy integrations with your existing stack
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Rotating incentives
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A beautiful, engaging user-experience inside your existing flows.

Still relying on email and text? Communicate directly with customers and suppliers through engaging, embeddable surfaces.

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Embeddable and white-labelled on mobile and web
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Personalized, segmented message cards
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Goals, incentives, leaderboards, and more
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One-click integrations your Ops team can setup.

Eng time is scarce. That's why we have 50+ one-click integrations to connect your platform effortlessly with Village, in addition to simple API integrations.

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Easy no-code integrations with 50+ platforms
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Simple APIs and low-code options
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Safe, secure, trusted
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50+ integrations to Village
Village creates power users

A whole new user love story.

Village will have your platform workers, suppliers, or consumers smiling, and your bottom line a whole lot greener.

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Incentives and rewards that users love
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Engaging and hyper-personalized comms
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Long-term, goal-based user journeys
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Village solutions

Our team has solved these problems before.

Our team has built some of the world's largest marketplaces, and built tech to automate manual and inefficient processes. We understand how hard it can be to grow, combat churn, and keep users engaged when you're operating with spreadsheets and limited tech resources.

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Manual processes, limited tech.

Spreadsheets, queries, and a web of inefficient processes. That's expensive, and you're probably burning users.

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High churn

Competition, short-term incentives & lack of differentiation means users don’t have a good reason to stay loyal to your platform.

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High CAC, Low LTV

Most marketplaces have trouble balancing supply & demand & spend more than 40% of revenues on marketing & incentives.

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Inefficient spend

Without rigorous experimentation and automation, most incentive structures are wildly inefficient.

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We work with marketplaces from the earliest stage to household names. Together we'll explore your use case, understand the pain points, and talk through where Village can add value.

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