Who we are and why we're building Village Labs.

A note from the people behind Atlas.

Hey there. Alex and Bradford here, co-founders of Village Labs.

Our mission is to be the engine that powers human productivity.

We’re obsessed with making work fairer, more productive, and more fun. We firmly believe our mission is a win-win for workers, employers, and humanity because when employees spend more time building, creating, and doing what they love, companies are also more productive and profitable.

We developed our mission and vision after lots and lots of experience across different business types. As a result, we know a lot about productivity. We’ve done big and small. We’ve managed large teams at Fortune-500 companies as well tiny teams at new startups. We’ve built software used by thousands of full-time tech workers, as well as software used by millions of gig and contingent workers.

Between our co-founders and chief advisors, we’ve managed:

1. Employees at three companies of over 200,000 people, including key leadership roles at Uber
2. Incentive and engagement structures and software that are deployed to millions of gig-workers
3. Four small startups which employed between 5 and 100 FTEs and contractors
4. Teams at more than five companies with distributed or fully remote workforces.

We’ve had some successes. But perhaps more importantly, we’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned how to fix them.

Our approach to solving productivity

A company is just a group of people organized to solve a problem. A good company – a well-organized, motivated group of people – will always deliver great products. They might even make money.

But that's easier said than done. In fact, by that definition, most companies are bad companies. That is certainly true when one or more of the following are true:

1. Employees and workers are not aligned with the company’s goals
2. Employees and workers are not motivated by the work they’re doing on a daily basis
3. Information doesn't flow efficiently between decision makers and the doers

If you can align an employee's incentives with your business’s goals, an employee will be more productive, innovative, and committed. If you can create both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for workers to do work, you’ll have a radically more productive workforce.

And if you can ensure exactly the right information is flowing at exactly the right time between decision makers and doers, you might even have a great company. At least you'll have a company that moves faster, makes better decisions, and is vastly more impactful.

That's exactly why we built our first product, Atlas. It's an AI that gives everyone in your org a personal chief of staff that synthesizes all your company's tools and data, and give leaders, managers, and employees perfect visibility across workstreams, goals, projects, and topics across your company.

With Atlas, it's easy to understand things like: 'what did my team do last week?', 'what are they planning and where are they blocked?', 'what is slowing down my engineering team?', 'what feedback have they received this month?', 'can you summarize everything I did in the last two weeks?', 'keep me updated on the churn Big Rock each week', and much more.

Atlas is already making a huge impact on organizations. It's been described as ‘the iPhone health app for my business’ or a ‘Chief of Staff for everyone in the org’. It lets leaders see around corners and have a direct line of sight into team performance. It makes employees far more productive. It turns managers into supermanagers. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, Atlas can radically increase speed, productivity, and connectedness across your org.

Atlas is just the beginning. We couldn't be more excited to share the journey with you.

Alex & Bradford, co-founders of Village Labs