Village security & protections

The content below provides some detail about Village Labs & the Village ecosystem's security & protections

  • Village Labs is a security-first software developer, from architecture design to development and implementation
  • Our systems are designed for multi-user operations, ensuring that no individual or small group, from the Village Labs team or otherwise, can act maliciously or be coerced into executing unauthorized transactions or code
  • We maintain hardware multi-factor-factor authentication for all Village Labs employees on all Village Labs & Village systems
  • Technologies developed by Village Labs ensure that keys are never stored in a full, usable format.
  • Village Labs utilizes third party security and financial providers to ensure business resilience and continuity in the case of any obstacle to business operation
  • Village Labs implements granular role-based access controls and mandatory hardware multi-factor authentication
  • Village Labs has implemented rigorous security education and best practice processes for all Village Labs users
  • Village Labs maintains activity logs of any sensitive user actions
  • Village Labs regularly audits our systems with accredited third parties to maintain security excellence at all times