Make your employees missionaries.

Remote and hybrid work has created a huge productivity and connectivity problem. Village makes your employees happier, more productive, and more engaged than ever before.

Who we are

Our team are global experts in work productivity.

Our founders have over a decade experience across Uber and other world-leading companies managing, motivating, and driving connectedness across large organizations and contingent workforces.

Village dramatically increased employee productivity and happiness.


"Village had significant impact for Hugo in a short period of time. The team is super responsive and easy to work with."

Kirill Pesterev

Kirill Pesterev

Founders' Office at Hugo
Employee productivity

Launch a next-gen employee directory your team can't put down.

Build a culture of connection, celebration, rewards, and fun competition with Atlas.

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Stay connected: find anyone's team, org, and personal details
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Recognize: The Trophy Case shows off fully-customizable employee badges & rewards
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Get competitive: Leaderboards for shared tasks like catching bugs or answering tickets
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Empower employees & managers with real-time productivity insights.

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Strava for work: goals, streaks, leaderboards and visualizations to boost productivity
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Benchmarking and trends to help managers have healthier more informed conversations
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Integrates seamlessly with 50+ platforms where your team already works
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Send the right prompt at the right time to celebrate and improve performance.

Educate and grow talent with AI-powered alerts, insights, and celebration.

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Employees get a personal copilot that improves performance and celebrates wins
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Managers get real-time alerts for a richer picture of the team and where to take action
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Integrated with Slack, Teams and 50+ other tools
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Village is the best way to boost your employee output, happiness and retention.

Village is modular. That means you can mix and match the right
components to suit your exact team, organization or business needs.


Next-gen Directory

Connect your team with Village's Atlas tool.


Gamification and Rewards

Gamify and celebrate behavior
with badging, gift cards, and thanks.

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Employee Insights

Motivate and grow talent with real-time data and visuals.


AI-powered Automations

Empower your employees and managers with alerts, celebration, and coaching.

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Management Insights

Understand hotspots, improvement areas, and trends with aggregated insights.

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Effortless Integration

Quickly connects to what you already use like Slack, Teams, Jira, and HR tools.

What Village solves

Remote and hybrid work isn't working for the majority of companies. We're fixing that.

Quiet-quitters make up as much as 50% of the US workforce, while remote work has led to an 18% drop in productivity. In this new world, companies do not have the tools to consistently recognize and invest in their best employees, and make sure their team is happy, productive, and engaged.

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Remote not working

Our team has boosted productivity and engagement across fully-remote and hybrid teams.

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High churn and turnover

Whether employees or contingent workers, lack of connection, recognition and motivation are highly correlated with high attrition rates..

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Low engagement and NPS

Without feeling connected and motivated, employees are much more likely to disengage and become unhappy at work.

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Huge business costs

Between churn, low engagement, and reduced output, the costs of not managing productivity effectively are high.

How to get started

Start with a Module that works best for your team, business, or organization.

Village makes getting started and ongoing management an absolute breeze.

Able to code? Start earning.

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