Reduce your CAC with onboarding automations.

Village's funnel and onboarding automations, comms, and incentives get more customers and suppliers activated, more quickly.

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What our customers are saying about Village.


"Village had significant impact for Hugo in a short period of time. The team is super responsive and easy to work with."

Kirill Pesterev

Kirill Pesterev

Founders' Office at Hugo

Automate onboarding flows that have complex requirements.

Whether you have document requirements, complex comms flows with conditional logic, or just want profiles better completed, Village has you covered.

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Totally configurable flow logic and conditions
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Segment users, send triggered comms, offer time-based incentives
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Set up in a few hours by connecting your data through 50+ no-code integrations and easy APIs
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Add gamification and incentives to increase conversion.

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Time-based offers to increase urgency
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Milestone-based onboarding journeys
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ROI-positive templates, experimentation and analytics standard
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Powerful tools.
Simple management.

Our team has built some of the world's largest platforms.


Fully configurable rules

Configure structures and comms that work best for your business.


Automations that drive action

Comms and incentives that
drive just the right behavior.

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Ready-to-use templates

Use tried and tested best practices, or create your own.


Customizable UI elements

Embed fully-branded widgets like
leaderboards & sharing in your UX.

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Experimentation & analytics

Segment users and test multiple structures head-to-head.

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No- & low-code integrations

50+ no-code Connectors. Or an API that takes 4 hours, on average.

Reduce CAC and manual processes with nuanced onboarding and activation rules.

Village listens to events and activities in your connected data, and executes rules based on progress through funnel, documents required, time to activation or any other arbitrary logic. It can then segment, send comms, or manage pricing and incentives, all surfaced in our embeddable UIs, or pushed back natively to your existing database, CRM, or payment flows.

The Village team

Our team has solved these problems before.

Our team has built some of the world's largest marketplace and consumer companies. We understand how hard it can be to grow, combat churn, and keep users engaged when you're operating with spreadsheets and limited tech resources.

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Manual processes, limited tech.

Spreadsheets, queries, and a web of inefficient processes. That's expensive, and you're probably burning users.

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High churn

Competition, short-term incentives & lack of differentiation means users don’t have a good reason to stay loyal to your platform.

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High CAC, Low LTV

Most marketplaces have trouble balancing supply & demand & spend more than 40% of revenues on marketing & incentives.

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Inefficient spend

Without rigorous experimentation and automation, most incentive structures are wildly inefficient.

How it works

Launch powerful automations with data-driven triggers.

Connect your data. Find opportunities. Implement automations. Increase revenue and reduce costs.

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